Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I've read all of the introductory materials from The Daily to help me get started with #PLENK2010, and I've watched the initial Elluminate recording. The concepts are familiar to me, but I already feel as though I'm behind--this was the wrong time to come down with the flu!

I've called the blog Loose Ends--not because I am at loose ends, but because I see PLNs as going off in a variety of different directions. I am hoping to find "something" that will help me to tie all of these bits and pieces together. At the same time, I realize that such a goal is unrealistic as PLNs, by their very nature, are continually growing and expanding entities and because I do believe in lifelong learning. I don't know how to reconcile these two opposing ideas. The reality is that I will probably end up with even more loose ends by the time the course finishes.


  1. I like the name of your blog, and the realistic thoughts!

  2. Right now I am totally overwhelmed but the "thread" that I am trying to follow throughout this course is how I can create my own PLN that will help me with my own learning. I am also very interested to see how I can take this concept and try to apply to a public elementary school setting in the United States, if that is even possible.