Tuesday, September 21, 2010

#PLENK2010 Blog Stats

This post has nothing to do with the topic for this week in PLENK 2010, but is a reflection on the fact that I have just discovered the Stats function on blogger--it's fairly new; I've been aware of it in only the last few weeks, and I hadn't had time to explore it. It keeps track of the "hits" on a blog. So while it may seem from the comments that only a few people are reading our blogs, that isn't so. While only 2 people have left comments on this blog, here are the stats for the numbers actually reading it (even if only casually) in week 1:
United States 64
Canada  19
Germany 11
Belgium 3
Mexico 3
Australia 2
China 2
Netherlands 2
Portugal 2
Switzerland 1


  1. I am interested in the fact that one of your jobs is to interact with students from around the world, but I am not sure about the "interesting" before students. What do you consider "interesting students"?

  2. The "interesting" applies to all of them; they all have stories to tell. Some share more than others, but they take so many divergent paths to end up taking a course with AU.

  3. Thanks very much for the heads up about stats. I had no idea people had been looking at my blog. There was a definite spike it got a mention on the PLENK Daily. Just a shame I hadn't written anything that inspired comments :(