Thursday, September 16, 2010


I really like George's idea of a PLE as expressed in The Daily today: "I see PLE's as an ecology, a space in which learning occurs. It's like trying to describe water to a fish or air to a person." This is probably because it takes me along a path I was tentatively taking some steps along already--we are all born with a learning environment, and our learning necessarily takes place within that environment. 

Such an idea also helps me to see how formal learning gradually morphs into individualized learning as this environment continually expands ...if we are lifelong learners. Individuals vary in the amount of directed (formal) learning they require before they are able to follow their intellectual curiosity (assuming they have some) down other paths. Yes, these do occur at the same time, but with the exception of a genius or two, someone did teach us all to read and guided us as we learned to write so that we could more fully develop and participate in an experience such as PLENK 2010.

From the readings this week, and reading the discussions, there seem to be so many varied definitions of a PLE, that I think we all need to have a definition that suits our own needs for now. I was getting more "loose ends" before I saw George's post, but then I had a lightbulb moment. Of course, my subsequent ruminations may not be along the same path that George envisions, but thanks.

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